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Athletic tracks

New-Caledonia Stadium

Stadium advises you on the choice of coating: Whether it is for the construction or renovation of the stadium track of your stadium, Stadium advises you on the choice of the coating to be implemented.

Prefabricated sports floor, cast in place, synthetic turf, several solutions and techniques of implementation can be proposed according to your need and your budget.

Representing major international brands in the sports industry, Stadium distributes, in New Caledonia and French Polynesia, sports floor coverings from Mondo Spa, the world leader in soft flooring, whose athletic tracks have been chosen to The 1976 Olympiad in Rio 2016.

Mondo coatings are known for:

  • Their proven athletic performance
  • Their biomechanical qualities
  • The uniformity and robustness of the coating
  • Ease of maintenance and repair

Is your stadium intended to accommodate school children ?
The sanded synthetic grass is a comfortable and economical option to consider. Stadium implemented the first track of this kind in New Caledonia, at the stage of the PLGC.


The stadium universe is ours, Stadium will advise you on the training and competition equipment that you need.