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Stadium specializes in stadium and field installations, and brings all its expertise and advises you on your project. Whether you are staging your stadium for a school or competitive event, Stadium will take care to meet your needs precisely by presenting you with the sports equipment and coatings best suited to the desired layout and by advocating maintenance and Maintenance services.


Sport flooring: synthetic turfe

Synthetic grass offers a coating that allows:

  • Significantly reduce the high maintenance costs of natural turf
  • Save water
  • Do not undergo the rapid deterioration of the natural grass under the effect of the rain and the sun.

By virtue of these assets, there are many great playgrounds and mainly football fields, which have been equipped in recent years with synthetic turf, surface with multiple advantages.

This coating has the advantage of being quickly practicable after a rain, preserving the health of the practitioners of the risks of traumatisms due to the bad conditions of grounds often accident.

The synthetic grass sports floor regularly maintained by a suitable filling and spreading of the rubber granules, allows the surface to remain constant and homogeneous and thus limit injuries.

From a sporting point of view, the optimum absorption of shocks and the excellent return of energy allow the athlete to express himself to the best of his abilities, avoiding excessive muscular fatigue.


Soccer field of the PLGC stadium: a stadium achievement in 2009 for the 2011 Pacific Games 

The first Caledonian synthetic turf football field with the FIFA 1-star certification with the Mondoturf NSF Monofeel AS60 from Mondo Spa.

Soccer field at Sainte Marie


Stadium: sports equipment suppliers

If you want soccer, rugby or other equipment for your stadium, Stadium will provide stadium and field equipment that complies with current safety standards and meets your needs.

Examples of sports equipment available in the catalog Stadium:

  • Football goal
  • Shelf
  • Input tunnel
  • Seat shell
  • Electronic display